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Sometimes I feel like the “Value Talks” around here are too much, but can we really get enough of Value talks? Also, the fact that we still get many of them is probably because we’re still lacking so much in value terms. We can’t stop blowing an alarm if it hasn’t lived its purpose, so till value is overflowing in our society like the water on the banks of River Wouri, we shall keep having them Value talks.

Sucess at anything in life greatly rests on one’s ability to bring or add value to whatever it is.

Many of us would kill for an opportunity to meet the “Greats”. People of high social standing, influence, power and money in the society. We tell ourselves that just one meeting would turn our lives around and like some magical wand fix all our problems.

Yet the only concrete thing that seems to come out from such meetings is a picture or two. Some people have had the chance to meet with many “Greats” yet you see no difference in their lives. Some of us start to think that perhaps these “Greats” are selfish and do not help others, they want to keep it all to themselves.

How many people ever gave thought to what they can do or offer before clamoring to meet a “Great”? How many people entered such rooms with the knowledge to walk them through to their breakthrough? How many people won’t lose themselves in awe because they on their part are empty? How many people wonder about being able to get and keep the attention with their worth and skill set?

Earlier on, we made a post asking that followers write a short letter to their future business partner, saying what they CAN DO and how the business partner can come in. Such posts in a value driven society especially one where a majority are still struggling to make it, should be flooded with pitches because you never know who is reading the comments. Sadly, that is not the case and going into possible reasons why could take us pages of writing. Alternately, if it were a “giveaway” post we would see great writers in the comment section. We are our own problem

We easily forget that success is possible only when “preparation meets opportunity”. We want everything to be served on a platter of gold. Before seeking for opportunity, you have to work so hard and be prepared to show up when called up. Show up brilliantly not just in the bare minimum way.

Away from the skill set, we need to be well rounded and as knowledgeable as we can get. Nobody is going to start off a conversation focused on you, you have to be able to blend into the atmosphere. Do your research and assignments well. be able to impress, play the game with wisdom and humility.

Someone once told me that it is very hard for a poor man to transition to a rich man because they have gotten accustomed to their world, their habits are those of their state and so you could give them a fortune and in no time, they go right back to their original state.

You really want a shot at success?
Work on your value, work on your skillset, work on your habits.

-Wandji Winifred



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