Les enfants du boss

These are those who have become rich because of their direct or indirect involvement with the government in place. Those who eat from government contracts, high-ranking government officials, and their children. They understand the problems the country faces but don’t want to risk their privilege. They use the fact that they cannot make the change alone to justify continuing to eat their own share. They travel out and admire life in other countries. Back home they don’t go out much, they make their homes comfortable and enjoy life indoors. They are mostly friends among themselves. They are United not by love but because they have a common enemy. 

Les Nchindas

These are the low-level workers in the government and the undereducated degree holders who dream of one day getting a job with the government. They have immense admiration for les enfants du boss, whom they see as the chosen ones who are lucky to be where they are. They hope to one day be lucky to make friends with les enfants du boss or just have access to them. They don’t understand the causes of the problems in the country. They believe everything is fine and they just happen to not know the right people. Their greatest satisfaction is being seen with les enfants du boss. They run errands for them even for no pay. 


These are the ones that believe they should be in higher positions in the government out of merit but who have been left out for one reason or the other. They have a solution for every problem in the country. A good number have taken up residency abroad and experience the country via social media. They hope to one day come back and take over. They have seen how things are done abroad and believe they know what it takes to bring change to the country. They all have plans of returning home when everything must have been better. 

The scammers

This group takes advantage of the current situation in the country to make money in mostly illegal ways. They include many in the police and gendarme. They are all about money and do not care about the general state of society. They can identify the issues with the country but believe that is just the way life is and nothing can be changed. They adapt themselves to any situation and look for how to make money out of it. They know how to pay a bribe before it is even asked. 

The Hopeful

People in this group live their lives for God. They are not necessarily religious but they believe in the Ten Commandments. They try to do the right thing always and avoid joining bad groups. They look at suffering as a test of their faith and accept it humbly. They see no need to complain if they can eat and have a place to stay. They are constantly praying for the country. Some of them get extorted often by scammers who sell them hope. Many are self-employed. 

Les Mougous

These are the disenfranchised ones that can’t see themselves living anywhere else besides Cameroon. They do not even believe they are fit to take up residency in another country. Their minds have been switched to survival mode and they live completely for the moment. This group calls Cameroon a continent or galaxy. They can be said to be in an abusive relationship with the country but have refused to leave because the sex is great. Alcohol is a big part of their lives. They don’t want anything from the government besides their ID card. 



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