‘Born in South Africa where 7 in 10 Grade 4 Learners cannot read, Stacey wrote her first book at age 7’. This is the catchphrase 15-year-old Stacey Fru uses to showcase the origin, importance and depth of her work to the world.

Today November 23, 2022, she is one of other female writers being recognised by the Cameroon government in Yaoundé. The youngster has to her credit multiple books, some of which are being used for primary school in South Africa.

But why South Africa?

Stacey was born in South Africa to parents of Cameroonian descent and asserts South African nationality. After writing her first book “Smelly Cats” at the age of 7, she did not relent. At the age of 12, she was acknowledged by Egypt’s leader as one of Africa’s youngest most promising youth.

Not letting this cloud her mind, she doubled down on the craft and has since added to her catalogue, many others. These include Bob and the Snake (Published 2016), Smelly Cats on Vacation (Published 2018), Where is Tammy (Published 2019), Tim’s Answer (Published 2019) and the most recent, Middleburg East (Published 2022).

These have brought her more recognition, as well as a place among the continent’s top young writers. In 2021, she was able to impact more lives by playing a key role in an initiative by the African Union (AU) and International Labour Organisation (ILO) 2021, dubbed International Campaign for the Elimination of Child Labour.

Addressing her latest recognition by the Cameroon government, Stacey said it is timely: “I am excited to be recognised out of home once again. This recognition comes at a good time when I want to let the world know that my 6th book, and a full length novel of 260 pages, has been published.”

“I am truly honoured that as an African child, my works are being recognised in different countries at different levels. What a great way to end 2022” She added.

Stacey is credited as founder of the Stacey Fru Foundation named after her. The institution among others, encourages safety, security and literacy for children.

“The SFF sustains Stacey’s unlimited urge to donate items like books, computers, clothing and food to children and adults alike,” her official communication reads.

Truly, she is a pointer that African kids can dream and achieve it, regardless of age, status or creed.



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