Is all hope going down the drain? Multipartism in Cameroon seems to be finally fading away. With the lone long standing opposition party, the Social Democratic Front rocked by one crisis after the other. I never knew a time will come in history when we see our symbol of hope crashing steadily into pieces.

Once upon a time the SDF was a threat to the ruling party. Like a thorn in the flesh, it was little but causing immense pain and discomfort. Holding the flag of the “west Cameroon” high, the SDF made waves. Even if multipartism in Cameroon could be considered nothing but a facade, the SDF stood as a pillar of multipartism.

For a people with a troubled political past characterized by the power tussle between the many political parties; the SDF was a breath of fresh air and stability for the English-speaking Cameroonian. The minority people United as one front, couldn’t be a harder force to reckon with. One can’t pretend to not be tempted to question if 1 opposition party was a good idea especially now that we’re facing doom.

Notwithstanding, the SDF for the longest time possible has remained a political anchor for English Speaking Cameroonians, never giving up despite always being in the shadow of the CPDM. I always received parliamentary elections results with clenched fists as the CPDM took home more than majority, and the SDF will follow with a huge gap. Yet compared to other parties, the SDF was the only near threat to the ruling party. I guess all things indeed come to an end, and while it hurts to experience, the SDF’s days of glory might be coming to an end.

What does this mean to the Cameroonian People especially those of English expression? Is the ember dying off or lighting fire for an even greater brighter flame? Should we hang on to hope and fight for better days or fall into the dark pits of despair?

The saying goes that endings are room for new beginnings. Fortunately, we have the power over which direction our new beginning will take. Since no one will consciously choose suffering, now is the time for us to return to the drawing board. All those reading political science in the universities of Buea and Bamenda, the Historians, the economists should join forces to analyze the past failures and map out a new course.

Identify what went wrong with our darling party and keep the people from becoming lost sheep because that is what the absence of a shepherd does. Crossroads and transitions are the most delicate situations to handle. We might be staring at a chance to correct the past and change our fate.

This of course isn’t a day’s job; it is more complicated than my words currently depict.

We will have to do more than stand by and watch or complain as we have been doing. We will have to match our words with our actions.

Remember politics isn’t really about the numbers but more about the influence and impact. The ruling party isn’t a single tribe. It is diverse people under an influential person.


– Wandji Winifred



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