Life could seem to always be a series of spontaneous events but for the most part, life is best lived calculated. Everything is interconnected and so events of one thing always leak into other events and even influence the turnout of things.

Sometimes we seem to forget that particular dynamic of life, some of us act like things just turn out a certain way because it’s life meanwhile we have a hand in everything.

In the survival race, everyone is trying to be at the top, to wield the most power and so everything that is done or undone focuses on that one goal. In a less competitive setting things just seem to go in the direction of the wind but it is hardly ever the case with humanity.

There are effects, impacts, consequences to every action or inaction from us. They comprise of the bigger picture. This bigger picture has several possibilities each one depending on our choices when faced with life.

For the last few days, we have had various opinions about Eto’o and his actions. What was glaring about most viewpoints was that many of us didn’t see past the events and of course lost sight of the bigger picture. His actions had far reaching consequences on the bigger picture of not just Eto’o but Cameroonians as well.

And no, seeing the bigger picture isn’t just done by great people but should be a lifestyle of every successful or aspiring successful person.

At all times keep it at the back of your mind because dealing with humans can test your sanity and not losing it is a lifesaving skill.

Certain actions seem great for the present moment but terrible for the bigger picture. See the possibilities of disaster Eto’o’s single reaction caused, some of us think it was okay to teach the Algerian a lesson, but will it work favorably in the bigger picture? Doubtful.

A crucial part of seeing the bigger picture is understanding who you are and where you are. In certain positions, certain actions will go terribly wrong. The same way certain actions are not great for affluent and powerful people is the same way certain actions won’t help you when you’re poor and struggling. Master your circumstances, keep the bigger in mind, be a mastermind.

For every action, calculate the various possible outcomes and consequences. Life is for those who calculate, it might not sound good or even fair, but it is what it is.

– Wandji Winifred



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